Fukri Review


Fukri Review


We are always placed a hope in Director Siddique since his first film onwards and now also there is no change in that and as a director he is able to keep that remark successfully in his whole carrier. Fukri being the first association of Siddique with Jayasurya is a yet another demanding film from him filled with fun and emotions. On an interview after the release of Bodyguard Hindi version Siddique said that the Bollywood teach him how to treat a film commercially and Fukri is being a perfect example for that statement.Fukri’ revolves around Sulaiman Furki (Siddique) and Lukman Ali Fukri aka Lucky (Jayasurya). Fukri is the head of an aristocratic Muslim family. The movie plots the return of Fukri’s long lost grandson Lucky to his ancestral Bungalow. The movie takes a turn as Ali Fukri a gypsy returns to home and happends occur after his return was the main elements in the film and that you can watch in the theatres.


On Screen, Jayasurya again striking with his enchanting performance as Ali Fukri along with Siddique portraying Sulaiman Fukri. This is not a challenging role for him, but as usual he is capable to portray that role to perfection in the limits of that character. Siddique was the next to mention, here also along with his stunning look for that character his performance is always good to watch in the big screen with full on delight and here also no change in that.Anu Sithara and Prayaga Martin are the heroines, among them Anu Sithara made a memorizing performance and she made that character as god enough as possible. Prayaga Martin  also did a wonderful job but here and there feels a consistency in her performance, excepting that all are good from her. With his heavy voice and heavy look Lal is there in Fukri to enhance you and as always he portrayed that role decently.

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Bhagath Manuel, Krishna Prabha, Soubin Shahir, Nirmal Palazhi, Joju George, Niyaz Becker, Janardhanan, K P A C Lalitha, Mukundan, John, Sajan Palluruthi, Ansar, Krishnaprabha, Sreelatha, Reena, Tesni Khan, Sreyani, and Lakshmi also include in the rest of the main cast. Among these most of them are there to handle the humor section, without any vulgar feelings they made the fun neatly in the screen ans sincere to their roles.


Making wise, Siddique is able to put all the flavors in the proper quantity and quality that made this film a fun ride in the path of some romance and emotions. Scripting is also done by Siddique and there is not any flaw from that side, as always the elements are gripped with perfection. As always he concentrated fro avoid melodramas and putting simple and light hearted moments throughout the narration, here also it reflects. Siddique is not a director who doesn’t want to complicate things more and there he chose the usual narration pattern, not telling this as a fault but the usualness is there.


Technically, Vijay Ulaganath cinematography was good and feels steady to the mood of cinema. Editing is done by K R Gouri Sahnkar, fine cuts from him. Music is done by Dr M Sudeep Elayidom and Viswajith considering the mood of the film the songs are good and blend with the film. The Song ‘Kochi Vaa Kanmani’ was a pleasant one and too good. Background Score was also good and not any blemish from him and it syncs with the situations.


Overall, Fukri is being a yet another entertainer from the Director Siddique and by Fukri he is continuing his success ride. Definitely Fukri got enrich in all sections and thereby Fukri is waiting for you to conquer you by loud laugh at theatres and it’s a perfect chose in this season. Watch it and laugh loud…