10353176_738535192910427_5709366928249887118_nFireman is a new movie written  and directed by Deepu Karunakaran.Deepu’s previous movies where Thejabhai and family ,Crazy Gopalan .Fireman is produced by Milan Jaleel under the banner of galaxy film and its distributed by Ullatil Media which produced Superhit movie Velli moonga.As the name suggest its a movie about Fireman’s life.One day in the life of a fireman that is the basic plot of the movie Fireman -on a Mission.Mamooty,Nyla Usha Salim Kumar ,Unni Mukundan are the important actors in the movie Fireman.Movie completed its shooting and post production works several months ago delayed its release due to other big budget movie releases and release of shankers’s Ai.Now after a long delay of almost two month Fireman hits theatres all over kerala on this Thursday .

Before entering into detailed review about Fireman .Lemme say one thing.The basic plot of Fireman movie was a good one and had an international level.Its almost like the rescue mission films which happen in a single day which Hollywood films offer us on each juncture.Had the the director succeeded in his outing in filming that basic plot in a right way.?.Well lets find out.

A Tanker lorry containing Gas went on an accident and it leds to the leakage of the gas.As a result Gas spread to all regions near where the accident took place.Fire Force handles the situation and plans the necessary measures to avoid the dangers.Inorder to avoid necessary danger they tries to evacuate all people and residents of nere by araes.As they tries for that they came across a jail which is situated in the danger zone.Movie’s rest plot depends on the evacuation of the jail and also about those who are behind this accident.The second half moves in a thriller mode.

As always Mamooty did his part in brining out maximum for the character which he enacted.The problems experinced by Fireman Movie was a weaker screenplay and also the director was not up to the mark in portaraying the real essence of the intail plot in its full swing.With a good Screenplay the movie could have done wonder.However we can only classify it as an average movie not above or below That.Cinematography was average and Background music from Rahul Raj looked okay .But as a tribute to Fireforce its a well poised effort still leaving bvehind the fact that the movie could be made even better.

Positives-Mamooty,Second Half



Verdict-Go and Watch it ..Its an Average movie.