Ezra Review


Ezra is being the most anticipated film in the carrier of Prithviraj till now and today the long wait is ended and it’s the time to look into the cinema. Most importantly the question to be asked Is Ezra is capable to full the expectations of audience and how much the thrill is in it. Definitely the answer for these two questions is a huge YES. By taking a deviation from the usual Malayalam horror films, avoiding all those clichés Ezra is fully able to give a new dimension to our fear and thereby to our Malayalam horror films.


The story revolves around Ranjan Mathew (Prithviraj) and his wife Priya (Priya Anand). Ranjan works in a shipping company and is transferred to Kochi from Mumbai. He settles in the city with his wife in a bungalow. A string of creepy events occurred there unwinds there and that forms the nub with Ezra. The story is set in Fort Kochi and the film has been shot mostly in Fort Kochi and partly in Mumbai. Ezra is a well made horror thriller which assures you an adrenaline dash.Even in the rush of new promising directors there are still happening the same clichéd so called Horror films in Malayalam by ignoring the changed taste of audience, By Ezra Jay K is putting an end to this and Ezra lightened the path of reformation and thereby assures that the same old so called Horror films is never going to happen again in Malayalam cinema. Without any bloodsheds and roar of ghost Ezra makes you fear and thrill.


On Screen, Prithviraj is there with his magnificent performance and screen presence. Before praising his performance a big clap to him for being get ready to do some experimental films like Ezra by knowing the taste change of Malayalam audience. In performance also he is able to do the role neatly as usual. Priya Anand made a decent entry to Malayalam cinema by satisfying performance as Priya Raghuram. Tovino Thomas is there in for a short time and within that time he improvised a lot. The movie also features Vijayaraghavan, Prathap Pothen, Babu Antony, Sujith Sankar, and Sudev Nair. All of them are good with their roles and done their maximum in the screen.


Making wise, Jay K looks as much as promising and he has the right tool in his hand and too used well. As I said earlier, by breaking all those conventional things he is able to made Ezra as like as Hollywood films like The Conjuring, Insidious… The screenplay is also written by him and that too comes without any flaw. Jay K has the ability in him to accomplish a lot in Malayalam cinema and that is proven by him even with his debut film.


Technically, In case of a thriller films the most important fact to be marked from the technical side is Cinematography and Editing and here in Ezra along with the mind of director these two comes most blend and that advantage can be seen in Ezra. Perfect Visualization from Sujith Vasudev and fine cuts from Vivek Harshan. Music is done by Rahul Raj, as usual he also done his part sincerely and the BGM was well suit with the mood of the film. The song ‘Lailakame’ was too good and impressive.


Overall, Ezra is a different experience in Malayalam, if you are fed up with the usual things with the Horror films in Malayalam Ezra gave you a completely contrary watch. Once again hats off to the entire team with Ezra for giving a new dimension to our fear…