Ennu Ninte Moideen




Before release of any movie we have some expectations,for this film also I have some expectations..After seeing the trailer of this movie I thought that it’s bulged with melodrama but now ‘Ennu Ninte Moitheen ‘ proves that it is beyond my expectations and the debutant R S Vimal made this film in an unconventional way and he succeeded in his effort.Ennu Ninte Moitheen is based on true incident and when coming to the movie I can’t see any type of flaws while treating a movie with a happened story and there Ennu Ninte Moitheen excels and this one is going to be a visual treat. Performance wise,Prithviraj delivers a striking performance as Moitheen and his looks and body language suits with that real life character and the use of that contact lenses provided him really intense similiarity to real life Moitheen in somewhere.Parvathy Menon really impresses me as Kanchana and her stunning performance is there excels and undoubtfully we can say that she has the potential to do more and more in the industry.Saikumar and Lena there in supporting roles and both of them extremely bang with their performances.Sudheer Karamana,Bala,Tovino all are really took a great effort and rest was sincere to their job. Making wise what I get surprised is eventhough the story has a great chance for adding melodrama and make bulged but the director chooses a different narrative pattern which is more impressive in manner.As a debutant he tried his best for getting a superior effort to get this film in this way and he done that without any errors and if there some we can forget it because the movie have flesh in it. Technically,there is not even any single fault from this side all the outcomes were so much added beauty to the film.Cinematography by Jomon T John,no words to describe his talent for adding such an aesthetic to the film.Songs by M Jayachandran was really cool to hear and blends with the situations.BGM by Gopi Sundar was really terrific and Editing by Mahesh Narayanan was also fine. Overall,Ennu Ninte Moitheen can be called as a feel good movie in all terms and director is succeeded in recreating those old days.So getting a sum total the rating for this extra ordinary love voyage from RS Vimal is 3.5/5 and hardly recommended.

My Rating:3.54/5

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