Yennai Arindhal

Ennai Arindhal is a new movie directed by Gautham Vasudeva Menon having Megastar Ajith in lead role.The movie hit the thetres in ¬†feburay 5th of this month.Was GV and Thala Sucessfull in thier first outing in pairs.?.Well lets check out.Ajith has a huge fan base all over South India .Ennai Arindhal is Thala Ajith’s 55th movie.Gautham Vasudeva Menon’s is back with Ennai Arindhal after a long gap of two years.


Gautham Menon has a superb past as he directed Tamil’s all time critically accalimed movies like Varanam Ayiram ,Vinaithandi Varuvaya,Kaka Kaka etc.Ennai Arindhal kept that reputation as it kept the stanndards of a normal Gautham Menon movie .So it was the review in one line.Lets go to brief analysis of this one.Ajith plus Gautham Menon ,it was something extremely promising as a film viewer for me.But it was not up to my expectations.Saying that fact i can’t regard Ennai Arindhal as an average movie .It’s an above average movie ,no its a good movie which you can watch in long ride of 3 hours without and boredom.

As in usual Gautham Menon films we came see lot of emotions ,brilliant charcters,a Great Villian in Ennai Arindhal Too.Ajith Plays a charcter named Sathyadev who is a cop in the movie.Sathyadev in an encounter traps his freind Victor who was a criminal and sends him to Jail.Later on this leads to many con sequences in Sathyadev’s life as his wife dies as a later effect of this incident.Sathyadev lives in front of gunpoint as he has to survive also he wants to protect his daughter Isha.

The movie has many engaging moments as well as lags by parts.The movie is little bit slowed paced on the second half as first half seems to be much engaging.Ajith’s screen presence and the Villian (Arjun Vijay) was simply superb.Its a pure Ajith movie without any X factor.Other star cast was good in their roles.

Verdict-Good Ajith movie,Better than Arambham

Rating -3/5

Positives-Ajith,Arun Vijay

Neagatives-Script,Second Half


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