Devil Tamil Review

Tamil Movies is now on a path of reformation and several experimental films are setting a new face to Tamil cinema beyond than the Action gimmicks. Devi(L) directed by AL Vijay is also a some kind of experimental one and he treated this film in the genre Horror Comedy. Devi(L) also celebrates the comeback of the dancing sensational Prabhudeva to Tamil after a gap of years. As I said earlier, in recent years Tamil cinema witnessed a lot of Films in the genre Horror Comedy and the question is ‘What way Devi(L) is differ from this?’ and the answer for this will surely get you from the theatres.

The movie revolves around the life of Krishna, an executive who works in Mumbai and he wants to marry a metro modern girl, beyond his wish he is happened to marry an ordinary girl named Devi. Vikram bring her to Mumbai and there he had to face certain changes to Devi and what’s that change and how it becomes solved was the rest of the story.Coming to the performance side, Prabhudeva as Krishna was good in his role and surely he excels in his comedy timings, body language and mannerisms. Undoubtfully we can say that Prabhudeva is the back bone of this film with his superb performance and with his startling dance steps. Tamannah as Devi delivers a impressive performance, both in her two dimensions she managed well and felt perfect for that role.

The film star cast also includes Sonu Sood , RL Balaji, Sathish, Nassar, Murali Sharma and Abhijith Paul all of them are good in their roles and did their part sincerely. Devi(L) also includes some special appearance and that I’m not mentioning and keep it as a suspense. Special mention is needed for Sonu Sood portraying as Rajeev and he is perfectly apt for that role and did it wonderfully. RL Balaji’s usual dialogue presentation way adds the beauty in presentation.

Making wise, AL Vijay made this type of a different story in a convincing manner and the way of narration he chosen was adding a special beauty to the film. He is able to add more color by putting Prabhudeva in the lead and sure that his astonishing dance steps and brilliant performance pave way for the success of Devi(L). Scripting was also good and no more flaws from the making side and the characterization of Tamannah really worked well and that’s one of the biggest positive with this film.Technically, Manush Nadan’s cinematography was brilliant and he fulfilled the view of Director by giving him with such stunning visuals and he is the one to be most appreciated one from this side. The music was composed by Sajid-Wajid and the songs were enough good to evolve with the film. BGM was also with the mood of film and blends well with the situations. Editing was done by Anthony and fine and sharp cuts from him. Special mention needed for the dubbing artist who dubbed for Tamannah, the variations with the character’s voice amazingly done by her.


Overall, Devi(L) is something different from the earlier releases in this genre and definitely there are elements in it for the audience to engaged throughout the run time. Tammannah’s performance and mesmerizing dance from Prabhudeva is waiting for you, watch for it….


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