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Darvinte Parinamam Review

DARVINTE PARINAMAM What made me see Darvinte Parinamam on the very first day itself was the impressive trailer and the excitement for seeing how ‘the hero’ and ‘the villain’ cross paths. Darvinte Parinamam by Jijo Antony is a revenge story mixed with fun elements revolves around the life of Gorilla Darwin and Anil Anto. Apart from story making films depending more on technical gimmicks is the modern pattern of film making and here also follows the same. By looking to the genesis Darvinte Parinamam escorts that same old cliched ‘tom and jerry’ pattern and here too the film takes it advantage from impressive narrative pattern and that makes this watchable.

On the screen Prithviraj here as Anil Anto, not much difficult to portray that role for him and on that easiness he made Anil Anto impressive on the screen. Chemban Vinod as Gorilla Darwin was good enough and I felt shades of his recent movies in that character and portrayal, even though it’s fair enough to see him in such an avatar. Again Soubin scores well with his stunning comic timing. Chandini Sreedharan as Amala done her part sincerely. Balu Vargheese , Shammi Thilakan, Dharmajan, Vinod Kovoor , Sethulekshmi are also done their job neatly. Making wise Jijo Antony tried to convey this one as watchable but still needs improvement. There in the second half the film looses it’s energy and felts lagging and made me yawn sometimes. There are lot of flaws in the scripting side and much predictable.

Technically, Abhinandan Ramanaujan’s cinematography was the best part of this movie and his visuals made a real effort to save this film. Music and BGM by debutant Shankar Sharma,BGM was impressive and songs are not upto the mark.Editing by Vijay Shankar is not as much fine. Overall, Darvinte Parinamam by Jijo Antony is an above average one and worth for a watch. As by Darwin’s theory ‘fittest will be survive’ we can hope that Darvinte Parinamam survive with the coming big releases…


 Review:Nadirsha K.N

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