C/o Saira Banu directed by debutant Antony Sony who is popular for his short film Moonnamidam was a movie which depicts the beautiful relationship of a Mother and Son. C/o Saira Banu also marks the return of Amala Akkineni, the actress who impressed through the films Ulladakkam and Ente Suryaputhrikku to Malayalam cinema after a gap of 25 years. C/o Saira Banu is written by Rj Shaan along with dialogues by Bibin Chandran. C/o Saira Banu is a simple and light heartened movie which has the elements of some enlighten and delight moments.


Coming on to the story board, Manju Warier plays the title role of Saira Bhanu, a post woman, and Shane Nigam does the role her son. They share a very friendly relationship between them. Amala Akkineni plays an advocate named Annie John Tharavady. Shane Nigam as Joshua Peter plays the character of a law student. The movie celebrates the beautiful relationship of Shane and Manju as mother and son. Niranjana, does the role of an outspoken young activist in C/o Saira Banu. She is paired opposite Shane Nigam. Totally, C/o Saira Bhanu is a woman-centric family movie which shows the friendly relationship between a Mother and son.



On screen, Manju Warrior is there with a yet another promising performance which marks her long term experience in her acting. She had done that character with almost perfection and when she depicted that role on the screen, I feel so resemblance to her role to the reality and there she excels with her performance. Next is Shane Nigam, who made a grand entry to Malayalam film by Shanavas K Bavakutty’s Kismath had beautifully paired with Manju Warrier and their combination scenes was one of the bests in this film. Shane Nigam has overcome all the struggles of a new comer and here we can see a more matured act from him.


Ranjith directed Loham fame Niranjana do the lead against Shane Nigam, she also made a neat performance as the vibrant activist along with others. Amala Akkineni plays a role of Advocate in here and with that a short span of time she is able to impress with her performance. Ganesh Kumar, Jagadheesh, P Balchandran, Joy Mathew, Indrans, John Paul and Sunil Sukhada are in the rest of the roles, all are sincere to their roles and made a decent job.



Making wise, Antony Sony is able to maintain that simplicity throughout the film and tried to put small humor overall in the film. Through C/o Saira Banuit is sure that Antony Sony is going to the list of one of the notable directors in this era. In case of scripting, R J Shaan doesn’t try anything new in this, but he makes sure that the script is so simple and humble. Without any complications he nailed the script to a lighter and feeling one. Bipin Chandran dialogues added the beauty of the simplicity of the film as in his usual manner.


Technical wise, Cinematography is handled by Abdul Raheem and he shot the film with the right intensity. Each Visual has its profundity and the depth of the emotions of the film. Editing was done by Sagar Dass, Sharp and fine cuts from him. Music and BGM by Mejo Joseph seems better when comparing to the whole mood of the film. One thing to be specially mentioned from the technical section is Costume direction and Art work and they done it with almost perfection.

Overall, C/o Saira Banu is a simple movie which had some light hearted moments and you can watch this movie till the end by keeping a smile on your face. C/o Saira Banu is movie which shows yet another promising performance form Manju Warrier and marks some other brilliant performance by Shane Nigam and others. You can definitely book tickets for C/o Saira Banu, It never spoils you time and Money, watch it on nearby theatres

Rating 3.25/5

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