Chirakodinja Kinavukal



Considering the spoof nature of the movie, which is something like virgin in our industry the effort from the debutante Santhosh Viswanath and team is appreciable.We are all familiar with the phrase ‘Chirakodinja Kinavukal’ ,the movie is trying to create a parody/spoof by extracting the essence from this established work by Ambujakshan,the tailor.The question that to be discussed is how much the movie is pleased for the spoof label in it and i can’t say the answer as 100%,because of that when movie reaches to it’s climax portions some uncertainties pull me out from the tag. Even though the movie has flaws in it this one is not something to be totally avoided,it has a rare flesh in it which is going to be a real sensation in the future of our industry.

On screen some energetic performances has boosted the impact of the movie,Kunchako Boban is in double roles and he portrayed both roles to it’s perfection.Sreenivasan was also good throughout the film but he fails to bring the old allure nature of the character.Joy Mathew made a impressive performance as ‘virakuvettukaran’,his mannerisms and dialogue presentations are blend with the character.Rima Kallingal is also stable as Sumathi,but nothing much to perform.All others are did their part sincerely.

Making wise Santhosh Viswanath and Praveen S,the writer had enough in this to prove their bolt.They tried their best to made this one into a spoof manner but in some portions the pen is not so gripped.Cinematography by S Vaidy is faultless.Editing by Mahesh Narayanan was also fine.Deepak Dev handled the musical department and he nicely done it.I’m impressed with the song ‘nilakkudame’and what a lyrics by Harinarayanan.

Overall,Chirakodinja Kinavukal pleased me with the spoof nature in it.It’s not an everyone’s cup of tea so take the movie at your risk.To getting a sum total,i’m impressed with the effort done by the team.


Nadirsha K.N

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