Director : Martin Prakat

Stars : Dulquer Salman, Parvathi,Aparna Nair,Nedumudi Venu

Rating : 4/5


The plot is A young woman (Parvathi) searches for a mysterious artist (Dulquer) who formerly inhabited her apartment.Over hype and over expectations created by stupid fans might be a big problem for CHARLIE. The film doesn’t have anything for fans but there are everything for cinema lovers. Parvathy and the spectacular cinematographer Jomon T John are the main attractions of the movie. But the film is missing something, some kind of incompleteness. BGM (Gopi sunder) is repitition of Usthad hotel and Moideen. On the whole, Charlie is a good watch for happiness and positivity.

‘Charlie’ is a feel-good movie, but it does not stop there. It plays around brilliantly with raw emotions centred around a character who wants to be free like the wind and bring smiles on peoples’ faces. ‘Charlie’ (Dulquer Salmaan) is a vagabond who, dressed in Bohemian attire, flits from one place to another doing good deeds and cementing a spot in the hearts of those he meets. Following him in what becomes a wild goose chase is Tessa (Parvathy), an animated young graphic designer who runs out of her home to realize her dreams. It is when Tessa moves into a dingy old room that was once occupied by ‘Charlie’ and chances upon an incomplete story that the film picks up pace. Bit by bit, page by page, ‘Tessa’ begins to discover wacky and strange stories about ‘Charlie’ and finds herself attracted to the charms of a man whom she has never met. Along the way, there are several characters that range from a goat-herder to a boatman who guide ‘Tessa’ on her way to finding ‘Charlie’

For a plot that has oodles of humour but most importantly stays true in its course, Martin Prakkat along with Unni R, who co-wrote the script, must be applauded for crafting a film that entertains as well as deliberates on the art of leading a happy life. If you haven’t watched it yet, go catch it now.

Overall Movie is a feel good drama movie

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