There are many films released till now based on this genre Campus Political Drama and a number of films are in the making section in this genre, so the pivotal answer need from the film is What makes Campus Diary different from the earlier releases in this genre and as a audience it is going to a relevant question, because the audience are much waiting for something new, now it’s the time to find answer to this, let’s have a look to cinema. Campus Diary is a Political drama film directed by debutante Jeevan Das and there is something new in it, which the audience can never be predicted in its run time and that factor made Campus diary a better watch and engaging. As I said earlier there are several film made this in the genre, even though Campus Diary had its freshness in narration and made a decent impression till the end.


On Screen, Sudev Nair as Nikhil is good as a campus political leader, Nikhil and yet another promising performance from him. Sudev Nair is famous actor known for his performance in the Malayalam film My Life Partner for which he was awarded the Kerala State Film Award for Best Actor in 2015. In this also he made an impressive performance and he keeps so much vibrant in that role. Second show debutant Gouthami Nair portrays the female lead and she also maintained her role with as much as perfection she can.

The veteran Politician V. S. Achuthanandan is debuting as an actor through this film and it is also increase the hype of this film and even though he is in a short time that same energy in Politics is reflecting in his performance also and he made his debut with a good portrayal. Thalaivasal Vijay nad Joy Mathew are the next two main portrayals and both of them made their roles nearer to perfection in their usual way and Joy Mathew performance is looks too energetic here. Suraj Venjaranmood Performance in this film needs a special appreciation and yet another capable role from him and the decision he taken to do these characters like this rather than the usual comedy roles is appreciable and through this once again he proves that he can. R J Mathukutty, Renji Panicker, Sunil Sikhada, Mammookkoya, Kottayam Nazeer, Lakshmi Priya and Sreevidya Nair are includes the rest of the cast and all are sincere to their roles.


Making wise, as a debutant Jeevan Das made this film in a better way and avoided all the shade of the earlier films in the same genre and he seems keeping so much updated. The effort he put for this film seems so massive, because on total the film had a life in it beyond than a usual Campus Political drama and moreover no more reflections there and that too is enough for a debut director. Scripting is handled by Vinish Palayad and he made it almost good, the reason is said almost was here and there are some lagging felt.


Technically, Premanand Cinematography is in a way that enhancing the mood of film and thereby making audience so brisk to screen and thereby making them feel stunned by the film. Editing is done by P C Mohan and there feels some sharp and fine cuts from him. Music is by Bijibal and as usual he keeps extreme good in this section and enhanced the beauty of Lyrics by Rafeek Ahammed. BGM also blends with the situations. Overall, Campus Diary is a nice film that you can watch in theaters without any boredom and without feeling any clichés of a film in the genre Campus Political Thriller. The debutant Jeevan Das and cre had put all necessary flesh in It to Keep you engaged and Campus Diary is definitely keeps you Impressive throughout the film.

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