Bhaskar the Rascal

HHHHH8Bhaskar the Rascal is a new movie directed by vetran director siddque having legendary actor of Malayalam cinema Mamooty on the lead role.Bhasker the rascal is produced by Anto Joseph under Anto Joseph productions and the movie was released on Vishu of 2015 April 15.As significance with the release date the movie also has a festival atmosphere where it has a long star cast to offer.Nayanthara after a long gap has returned Malayalam film industry with Bhaskar the Rascal.Have the movie paid off the high standars of director siddque who is one of the directors who already entered in 200 crores collection club.we lets discuss about that.

The movie story revolves around Bhaskar ,the character played by Mammooty.Bhaskar’s relationship with son Adhi played by Master Sanoop forms the main crux of the film.Bhaskar is not an educated man and he was grown up ┬áin adverse situations making him a short tempered man.While on other hand his family Members are well educated and having a good standard life in society.The Short Tempered Nature of Bhaskar causes him much problems and making his life vulnarable.Adhi has some problems with Bhaskar due to the character of Bhaskar.

The movie Takes of as Hima played by Nayanthara enters into the life of Bhasker along with Shivani ,her daugter played by Baby Anikha..Hima and Bhaskar has some issues with in them but slowly Aadhi likes Hima and Shivani likes Bhasker.They love to be the part of one family.So they tries to Unite Bhaskar and Hima.Soon after Hima’s ex Husband appears and the story took twists and turns.

The movie has all the elements to be a complete festival entertainer.Siddque has made all efforts to make the movie look pretty.The first half was good and had lot of comical elements in its path.Moving on to the second half movie looks vulnarable in some parts. Especaily last twenty minutes and climax looked much clumsy.Apart from that the movie looked as a complt family entertainer.The music department handled by Deepak dev looked good.Cinematography and editing were also good.


Verdict-Bhaskar the Rascal is a good Family entertainer

Positives-Mamooty,Comedy elements

Negatives-Second Half,Climax


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