Bhajirangi Bhaijaan


Bhaijirangi Bhaijaan is a new movie directed by Kabir Khan having the Superstar Salman Khaan in the lead role.The movie not all about Salman’s usual masala packs and one dimensional story line,Bhajirangi Bhaaijaan comes with a credible story line to its attire and the movie is easily one of the best handpicked movies of the star.The eid release movie of Salman Khan had great intial hype even before the release as the director Kabir Khan was one who gave Salman one of the biggest hits of his career ‘Ek Tha Tiger’.Ek tha Tiger entered into the two hundred crore club easily and was declared as a superhit.Kabir formerly directed movies like Kabul Express and New York approched Salman with the cript of Ek tha Tiger and after hearing the storyline Salman showed his intentions to act in it.Coming on to Bhajirangi Bhaijaan,the movie is collecting well and almost grossed more than 100 crores with in a short span of time competing toe to toe with S.S Rajamouli’s epic Drama Bahubali.




According to Trade expert Tarun Adarsh the movie within six days of successful shows ranging from a high number of screens in India and 730 screen outside India had collected 173 crores,a new record for a Hindi film.Lets move on to the story line of Bhajirangi Bhaijaan.Bhajirangi Bhaiijan makes a great emotional attachment to those who watch the movie.The movie is that much well engineered so thet all kinds of Audience are made to evolve in the storyline of the movie.Unlike other Salmaan movies Bhajirangi Bhaaijaan has a good storyline and a good ,well worked out script as a saviour.The movie has another Central character a Six year old Cute Girl who is outstandingly the central pivot of the storyline.On the way to Homeland Pakistan from Delhi a Six year old speech Impaired girl gets detached from her  Mother.Later she ends up in Kureshtra ,where she gets attached to Pavan Kumar Chaturvedi(Salmaan Khan).He names the Kid Munni and slowly he gets to know that she is from Pakisthan.Pawan is a great devote of Lord Hanuman and he always chants Lord’s name to show his devotion

Later on Pawan tries to hand the girl to Pakisthan Embassy,but as a riot outbreaks that falls in vain.He then appraoches a Travel agent in order to make get Munni to reach her Homeland.But due to some Reasons that plan too Fails.Pawan decides to cross the Borders and move to Pakisthan to help Munni.The movie’s Central plot Revolves within this incidents.The Rock Solid act from the movie is not from the Superstar himself but its of Nawasudeen Siddque who single handedly rocked the show.He is proving day in and day out that he is the best actor in Bollywood today.

The movie makes us to cry,laugh and evolve along the storyline.With no doubt its a movie of the year.Kabir Khan’s direction seems to improve from each movie to next one.Salman was good in his role and that cute girl Harshali who played Munni.Overall Bhajirangi Bhaijaan is superb movie .


Verdict-Must Watch