Bahubali Review

SS Rajamouli is a director who well known for making his films in much bigger canvas and this time he comes up with the most anticipated one Bahubali,India’s biggest feature film.As the tagline indicates this one is going to be a gigantic one in our film industry,definitely Rajamouli and the team can proud for this massive one.Doing films in such a bigger canvas is a wise attempt to hide the shortage in story board,here also the director used it cleverly.On coming to the movie it is something a usual revenge story that used many times in almost all languages,but how to present is the risk in it while choosing this type of cliched subjects,Bahubali excels there and the directors flawless execution made this something colossal and this is just the beginning.

On coming to the screen,Prabhas is chosen as Bahubali and he executed the historic one nearer to the perfection.It’s not a character that needs much acting but the screen presence was ripping.In body languages and mannerisms he remember as an historic one. Rana Daggubati as Bhallalla deva looks bold enough to portray that role and he did it nicely.Sathyaraj as Kattappa,for me it was the first time too see Sathyaraj in such a role,more than a warrior the character has certain emotions in it to perform and he done it without any fault.Remya Krishnan impressed me from the lady portrayal,Tamanna’s performance just ended as a show off ,for her she was there for navel show for most of the time.Anushka is in a pivotal role but coming to the show the screen sharing time is less.Rest was sincere to there job.

Last but not least, the technical side for Bahubali it was astonishing and ‘fabulous’ is only word to express it.Most of the outcomes were superior and the effort from this side was enormous to get a technical beauty of that era and it keeps the most for made Bahubali as an historic one from India.Rajamouli succeed in effectively coordinating and for choosing the best,we can expect more and more from his on future.Name by name spotting is difficult,because whatever from this department was such an elephantine.Cinematography,Art direction and VFX are some of them to be specially mentioned.

Overall,Bahubali is a must watch for the effort from the crew to present such a filmic monument that keeps our head straight in front of the Hollywood and Bahubali proves we are on the next level.Not only for me,for all whom impressed in the Bahubali;the beginning the wait is too long for Bahubali;the conclusion.So getting a sum total I’m going with a rating of 4/5 for this India’a biggest feature film and once again a great obeisance for whole crew…

My Rating: 4/5

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