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ayal njanalla

Ayal Njanalla is a new movie directed by Actor Vineeth Kumar who is much familiar to Malayalam audience since years as an actor.Ayal Njanalla is his directorial debut movie.Ayala Njanalla stars Fahad Fasil and Mridula Murali in lead roles.The movie in which Fahad has immense faith in released on this friday in thetres.Vineeth and Fahad are childhood freinds and as a good story evolved Vineeth approached Fahad to act in the movie .Fahad is currently going through a bad patch in his life as his last few movies failed miserable at the box-office including James Albert’s movie Mariyam Mukku.Did Ayal Njanalla bring any positives to the actors cinema career.Well lets check out.


Ayala Njanalla came up with tagline of having a Renjith’s story as the basic plot.Director cum Scriptwriter wrote the story for the movie Ayal Njanalla.Mridula Murali and newcommer Divya Pillai plays the main female leads in the movie and its produced by T.V Sundar Menon under the banner of Sun Ads and Film productions.The movie’s plot is rather simple and deosn’t have any complexities evolved with the basic thread.Prakashan is an young man who hails from Koylandi,He and his family were imparted to Gujrath several years ago.Prakashan falls in love with Esha the character played by Mridula Murali ,She too loves Prakashan.As the storyline progress Prakashan falls in to a big dept after the death of his uncle.So he decides to came to his home town Kerala.

The main twist and foothold in the story takes off from the arrival of Prakashan to Kerala.Prakashan has the resemblance with a Actor from film industry and most people mistakes him as an actor.Soonly Prakashan’s life took a turn around and the story’s main crux revolves in incidents after that.

As the movie is reagrded as a Renjith’s Story ,in Fact there is nothing that can be called as a story in Ayal Njanala.The movie was somehow stayed on the road via the screenplay and Dialogues.Vineeth has done a brilliant job in keeping the movie as a good entertainer.The showsteeler was as always Fahad Fasil.He simply rocked the show with his Koylandi slangs.Cinematography from Shamdat is brilliant especially the visual magic can be experienced in songs.


Ayal Njanalla is good watch able movie



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