Ayaal Jeevichirippundu Review


Vyasan K P, yet another debut director from Mollywood had come up with his debut film Ayaal Jeevichirippundu starring Kammattipadam fame Manikandan Achari and Vijay Babu in lead roles. Basically we can say that Ayaal Jeevichirippundu is a movie which shows some emotions and packed into a drama had the contents of a road movie. Vyasan K P looks promising as a director and he had made this to a perfect stuffed one. As I said in the beginning Ayaal Jeevichirippundu had its contents of a road movie celebrating friendship. The characters John Mathew Mathan and Murukan are extreme opposites. Background, class, refinement, physique – there is no match in anything. If John is a literary giant, Murukan is illiterate; it’s known that when two conflicting personas are thrown together, there’s bound to have some intense bond between them. To that the director adds some breezy, humorous moments and that’s was the basic plot which the film deals.


On Screen, Manikandan Achari excels in the role, Ayaal Jeevichirippundu seems to be a yet another perfect chose of him to that character he maintained his perfection in performance of those emotional scenes, totally Manikandan Achaari portrayed that role almost nearer to perfection. Marathi actress Namratha had done the female lead role and she delivers a neat performance and even also she keeps some much exaggeration to that role, even though that was not a biggest negative factor. The movie also features Vijay Babu in second lead role and this one is going to be his best after Neena directed by Laljose. He certainly did beautifully that role by making that role more believable to the audient. Harish Perady, Thasni Khan, Kishore Sathya, Sudheer Karamana, Chali Pala, Majeed Gokul, Prasad Kannan, Mahesh, V K Byju, Shyam S, Sreejith and Aisha Rani are also a part of this film; they all are good in their appropriate roles. Rests of the characters are there in screen for a short time and keeps safe with their performances. Making wise as I Said earlier, Vyasan K P gathers the craft in making a film without the flaws of a debutant director. The story and script are written by the director itself, Screenplay also filled with the proper mix of emotions and drama. The main thing that to be specially noted from this section is the makers are set this film free from keeping much Melodrama, by pitting small humors and that’s keep the film in safe zone.


Technically, Cinematography is handled by National award winner Hari Nair and he had done it with almost perfection and steady visuals from him. Editing is done by B Ajith Kumar and there are fine cuts from him. Music is composed by Ouseppachan and the songs are Okay along with blended BGM. Rest from this section was okay in their appropriate departments. Overall, Ayaal Jeevichirippundu is a promising film that too shows the potential of the debut director Vyasan K P and the actor Manikandan Aachari. There are some special performance are waiting for you and never miss this film on theatres. There is no point in feeling missed this film in theaters after the torrent release and no gains to the film if this end as a torrent Hit, So if you want to watch good movies like this definitely watch it on theaters..