Appavum Veenjum


appavum veenjumAppavum Veenjum is a new movie directed by Viswanathan Mechira having Sunny Wein and Remya Krishnan on the lead roles.The movie was released yesterday in theatres all over kerala.The movie had its on hype as it marked the return of gorgeous yesteryear actress Remya Krishnan.As per the intial report from the makers the movie was regarded as a musical thriller.The output also holds that platform.

Sunny Wayne as “Jude” a musician in appavum veenjum and sunny wayne is very good in his role.Also pratap Pothen as “Fernandez” did a very energitic performance in his role some what a hot and cool performance of pratap pothen as a rich Bacchanalian After a long gap Remya Krishnan is back in Appavum Veenjum.Remya Krishnan as Merlin Fernandez wife of Fernandez(Prathap Pothen).The story rounds about the friendship between Jude and Merlin Fernandez

The movie was shot on the high ranges of Munnar ,which was the basic ascetic elements of e film.The background and Ambience was s apt for the movie’s plot.Appavum Veenjum’s story crux revolves around a young Musician and his journey.At a certain point of his life,he come closer with a middle aged women who is elder than him .There relationship became complicated as days pass by and  there story hold rest plot for the movie.

Appavum Veenjum’s peculiarity is the characterisation and performance the lead actors .Remya Krishanan packs a punch on her return to Malayalam.Appavum Veenjum can be considerd as one of the best performance ever done by the actress in Malayalam.Sunny Wein  with his charm and natural performance looked great as the protogonist character in the movie.

The movie pick up from a point where a girl enters into the lives of the protagonist characters.Her arrival make many changes in their lives.

The movie opened with a great response.Its getting postive reviews.Appavum Veenjum is highly fascinating movie which keeps its standard in every part. Appavum Veenjum is an emotional thriller in which the lead actors did a and good and neat performance.

Ousepachans Music was good.Cinematography from Venugopal was a visual Treat covering the misty Highranges.