Angamaly Diaries Review


Better start with the name Lijo Jose Pellissery, the one director who paved the way of Pioneering films in Malayalam Industry and thereby breaking the conventional way comes with his latest directorial venture named Angamaly Diaries. By accomplishing a number of 86 new faces in a movie, Lijo yet again tried a daring attempt and that attempt provoked me watching Angamaly Diaries on the very first day itself along with the name Lijo Jose Pellissery. Like all his earlier films Angamaly Diaries is also a one which marks the signature of Lijo Jose Pellissery and that too works well here. Let’s have a look into the cinema


Coming to the plot, Angamaly Diaries describes all about the culture, attitude, and food of Angamaly and it is presented in a different pattern. A few of the characters live at Angamaly even now and some of their nicknames are also used. New face Antony Varghese play the main role of Vincent Pepe, his life is narrated from age 14 to 30. Angamaly Diaries marks Chemban Vinod Jose’s debut as a scriptwriter and the movie is produced by Vijay Babu. On Screen, as I said earlier the movie is packed with 86 new faces, which is a largest number and by watching movie I understood that the freshness of the movie is lied in the casting and that’s the vision of a director. A cinema is always considered as a director’s product and by all his films Lijo Jose Pellissery underlines that statement.


Antony Vargheese as Vincent Pepe plays the lead role and he had done it beautifully without any flaws of a new comer. He had realistically placed that character and the emotions of that character had really established well by him without any exaggerations. He is going to be marked by this film. In the vast group of all these new comers name by name spotting is going to be a difficult one for me, but one thing I can assure that there is a no one in this film which made a hesitating performance and all are done their part brilliantly by knowing the genre of the film. Ullas Jose Chemban, Rshma Rajan, Sinoj Vargheese, Benny Vargheese, Milton Raju, Sarath Kumar, Naveen Kunjumon, Vineeth Vishwam and Sandeep are some of the familiar names. The casting is going to be the best part of this film and once again Lijo Jose Pellissery proved that he is beat in finding apt characters for his film.


Making wise, here also no more compromises from Lijo’s directorial part, what he wanted, he added well and other are rejected. By sketching some vivid life in Angamaly Lijo Jose Pellissery imparts a yet another brilliant stuff form him to Malayalam and if you’re a one who loves his earlier films this one is also going to be a marvelous experience from him, for others I don’t know. Chemban Vinod Jose handled the screenplay and he had done it without magnifying the drama content, by adding all those simple situational scenes he is able to place the film in a usual way rather than a dramatic one, for that he also need applause.


Technically, Angamaly Diaries got plenty from this section mainly form Girish Gangadharan, the cinematographer. By knowing the pulse of director he had also approached a realistic attempr by his visuals. Next is Prasanth Pillai, the songs were in the correct mood of the film and it had got the rhythm of Angamali. BGM was also too blends with the situations. Editing is done by Shameer Mohammed and not any flaws from him, Sharp cuts.


Overall, Angamaly Diaries is a yet another realistic approach from Lijo Jose Pellissery and crew. As all you know Lijo is a director who always conceives films by his own vision and intension and here in Angamaly Diaries also there is no change for that. So keep in mind, never expect a commercial one from him, rather than business there are some emotions here and that what excels in Angamaly Diaries.