Anegan Movie Review


10993434_671073099682465_125598929599292705_nAnegan is a new movie directed by K.V Anand having tamils Young superstar Dhanush on the lead role.K.V Anand Failed on his last outing as his surya starer film Matran had huge intial hypes with in it but failed miserably in Box office.Due to that Anand had carefully approached his new movie Anegan.Anegan as the Tamil meaning suggests is about many persons.Yes Dhanush enacts almost three roles in the move Anegan.It cant be termed as a full length family dram it has all th elements which is must for a dhan ush movie.The tag line is if you are a dhanush fan,If you like his small witty one liners his looks his cute smile you will certainly love the movie.Also You will enjoy the movie even though you are fan of some other star.

Anegan is all about three love stories of three characters revolving on a point of voiew of a girl.

Anegan unfolds through the life of Madhu who is an IT professional working in a multinational company.She had several sleepless nights has visions about the past in her thoughts.She has the visions about a girl from Burma and Her Indian Lover who was a labourer which story set to be happen on late 60’s.Dhanush’s first character comes there named Murugappa who is the lover of the burma girl.

Madhu consults a doctor stating about her vision about the story and it was in vain.She founds out Ashwin ,second character played by Dhanush who is co worker of Madhu.She tells ashwin about the story of Burma Girl and Murugappa ,Indian boy who has resemblance with him.

The third love story is about a Girl called Kalyani and and her lover Kali which is also unfolds through Visions of Madhu.

The movie is technically so compact and has a good screenplay even though the basic plot is little bit complex.As i said earlier K.V Anand had carefully approached the treatment of Anegan.Dhanush as usual rocked in all three roles.Infact Paisa Vasool as far as Dhanush’s performance is concerned.Cinematography and direction was good considering the commercial elements of the film.The Three Love story’s endpoint of base was little bit loose causing little bit clumsiness.However the suspense element in third love story was good.


Neagative-Complex basic plot

Rating -3/5

Verdict-pakka comercial entertainer.

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