Amayum Muyalum Review

aamayum-muyalumAmayum Muyalum is a new movie directed by Priyadarshan having Jayasurya ,Inncoent and Nedumudi Venu on lead roles.Priyadarshan the one the Successful directors of all time have created Amayum Muyalum in a unique Priyan Style where characters and shades having un imaginary style of living.As usual story happens in a village in Kerala border which is sharing proximity with cultures of neighbouring states.

Amayum Muytalum is of a movie with Priyadarshan’s signature where characters has lot of Completies.Priyardshan had a bad outing last time with Geethanjali .Movie doesn’t came up to the expectation and went on to be disaster in Box office.Does the master director succeed in his new Venture.Lets Move on to the Story plot of Amayum Muyalum

Nedumudi Venu Plays a charcter called Kashi who is a lottery agent in Gowlipadi.Innocents plays Nallavan and Jayasurya plays Kallu.Pia Bajpay  acts as Nallavan’s Daugter who is in love with Kallu,the character played by Jayasurya.The whole movie revolves around Kashi,the lottery Deal and big prize money from a lottery.Amayum Muyalum has many hilarious moments,Slapstick Humour and charming moments.But the movie lacks a proper script,and becomes Vulnarable in some parts.Especially second part looked little bit Clusmy.Amayum Muyalum may evoke interest in Audience mind from start to end but due to a weak script the final impact was very average.

In better word it can be said as Amayum Muyalum is almost having similar storyline to that of Malamal Weekly which was directed  by Priyadarshan himself several years ago.The class of director Priyadarshan made Amayum Muyalum a one time watchable flick.


Postives-Powerpacked performance of Nedumudi and Innocent

Neagatives-Poor script


Verdict-One time watchable Flick.

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