Amar Akbar Antony


amar akabar antony

Amar Akbar Antony is a new movie directed by Nadirshah having Prithviraj,Indrajith and Jayasurya on the lead roles.Nadirshah has reunited the classmates team for a fun riot this time.As the name indicates its all about three protagonist characters played by the leading actors.The movie offers decent witty one liners which will make you laugh aloud.The movie offers good Comic situation even without a proper good story line.Lets move to the detailed review of the same.

The experience of Nadirshah who was out in Film and Mimicry world since years had paid off in his first outing as a director.The Boiling point of the movie is the sink between the lead characters.Well there is a raises of eyebrows from the side of audience when it came to the part of overall storyline but Nadirshah has managed that with his Masala tricks and comedy gimmicks from the actors side.The movie is all about lives of Amar Played by Prithviraj,Akabar played by Jayasuryaand Antony played by Jayasurya.The three men army who resides in the outskirts of Kochi is trying to move forward on life.They celebrates their life moments and have a great bond of love within each other.The film took a take off when a small incident in their life turns around the whole life of the Three freinds.Namitha Pramod plays an important lead in the movie.Her name is Jeny and the three friends always like to impress her in many ways.

The strong and most emotional part of the movie is about a cute kid pathu and her Mother(played by Srinda) who captures our hearts in many scenes.Srinda has improved lot as a actress and Amar Akabar Antony portryed one of the best roles in her life.Moving on the lead cast ,the Three Actors have made their maximum effort in making each scene hilarious. Jayasurya, the Best of three was simply Rocking .

One Negative point that i already mentioned earlier is about the story line.The story line doesn’t packs a punch .Somehow the screenwriters made enough space for comic scenes and that paid off decent enough.Nadirshah had visualised what the script demanded .The makers only concern was to make superhit movie via making us laugh on theatres.


Positives-Actors,Witty one liners

Negatives-Lack of a proper story


Verdict-Go and watch Amar Akbar Antony if you loves laughing.,,