Aby Review


Aby directed by debutante Srikanth Murali is about a man whose dream is to fly and Vineeth Srinivasan is portraying as Aby. Even though Aby has made in the usualness which follows the genre of the film, Aby gives you a delight experience when you watch on theaters, it is because of that the wonderful scripting by Santhosh Echikkanam and narration by Srikanth Murali. We can also witness a mature actor from Vineeth Srinivasan through Aby and that is being a attraction of Aby.Coming to details, Aby is about an innocent yet brilliant boy Aby who dreams of making his own aircraft and how he succeeds in the same. Mareena Michael does Anumol Xavier, a bold girl from the high ranges. She is Aby’s childhood friend and his motivator who recognizes his talent and stands by him in all his endeavors. The film deals with the struggle of Aby to achieve his dream and that you can watch in the theatres.


On screen along with Vineeth Srinivasan Aju Varghese, Suraj Venjarammoodu, Sudheer Karamana, Harish Peradi, Bollywood actor Maneesh Choudhari and Vineetha Koshy are doping some pivotal roles in Aby. Let’s have a look on their performance one by one. Starting with Vineeth Srinivasan as I said in the beginning here in Aby we got a mature performance from him by breaking his comfort zone with friends. He made a wonderful act through the emotions and struggles of Aby and thereby he wins the heart of audience.


Mareena Micheal as Anumol Xavier had done a neat performance as the motivator who familiar with the talents of Aby and thereby encouraging him. Both Aby and Anumol are seen in two looks as school kids in the earlier part of the movie and later as mature adults, in both appearances and characterization these two made a steady and convincing performance. Suraj Venjarammoodu is the next, through Aby also he is proving he can be a versatile actor and any role can be made portray by him beautifully and flawless. Aju Vargheese as Kunjoottan, Sudheer Karamana as Babychan, Harish Perady as Ravi and Manish Coudary as GK was the rest of the actors in Aby. All are done their part best and sincere to their roles.


Coming to Direction and Scripting, Srikanth Murali is able to make this film in safe zone with the narration pattern he chose. As a director he puts all the ingredients for making this as complete entertainer rather than a emotional drama and at the same time he get sincere to the genre of the film. Scripting by Santhosh Echikkanam is the crucial factor here and the beauty of the film lies in the simple and light hearted scripting by him.


Technically, Cinematography is handled by Sudheer Surendran and he had done it with almost perfection and steady visuals from him. Editing is done by Sooraj E S and there are fine cuts from him. Music is composed by Anil Johnson, Bijibal and Jason J Nair and the songs are Okay along with blended BGM. Rest from this section was okay in their appropriate departments and got rich in this section.


Overall, Aby is a small and simple film which fills your heart with happiness and some enlighten here and there. Aby has its elements in it to entertain you as well as encouraging, by beautiful scripting by Santhosh Echikkanam, some appealing performances and flawless direction by debutant Srikanth Murali Aby gives you a good watch on theaters and it never going to test your patience and never spoils your time and money. Go and watch Aby in your nearby theaters.