10245327_976302532384280_4002394529659662918_n8.20 is a new movie directed by Shyam Mohan who is a debutant having Dr.Arjun Nandhakumar and Avanthika on the lead roles.The movie\’s concept and un usual way of narration was simply different.It may very hard to digest fore normal audience since its narration style is much more diffrent from the cliche.First of all a huge applause for Shyam ,the director despite of being a debutant or having a minimal star cast has attempted a completely different movie.Which has a brand of is own.Yes of course there is some mistakes but the concept was very good.

The movie is of a thriller gere and its almost like a story fiddled to a certain element or facts.The movie is all about the life of Shyam and Ruchi who is getting married soon.Shyam is lazy man who doesn’t love his studies and has very much passion in music and cinema.He doen’t appear for his exams and due to that Ruchi argues him to appear in the examination since its his final chance to qualify.The second half of the movie is is really the show staeler where the final 20 minutes are very good.The movie is some what like to explain a series of events which may happen in the protagonist’s life prior to its actual incident.


Shyam Mohan the director had done a great job in brining all the elments which was unseen to Malayalam film industry .But stills there was lot of clumpsiness in the script and direction in parts.But we have to give a salute for the attempt.The other charcterstions apart from main protogonists were very weak in nature and hadn’t got any depth within them.Especially BijuKuttan character was bit messy and was not upto the mark with the comedy element.Cinematography was excellent where the frames were excellent and similarly the technical element were good.

In one final it can be termed as “It had the capacity to be a class movie if the script had more bindings and connectivity.However 8.20 is an enjoyable movie”


Negatives- Some portions of script

Rating-3/5(1.5 for the concept)

Verdict-One time watchable flick with a good concept