32aam Adhyayam 23aam Vaakyam

32 23_30x40 Releasing on June 12th 0232am adhayam 23am vaaykam is a new movie directed by debutants Gokul Ramakrishnan and Aryan prabhakaran . The movie has Govind padmasoriya aka GP and Miya George on the the leading roles .the movie was released today on the theatres all over kerala .The movie was a stated as thriller on the pre release section  from the makers of the movie .In all means 32aam Adhyayam 23aam Vakyam is a suspense Thriller.

The title of the movie was from bible as the complexity of the title was little bit rigid,everyone had curiously about the matter that makers states via the film.Arjun Prabhakar and Gokul Ramakrishnan two young and energetic directors made the movie which is rather a move away path from the usual one and delivered an outstanding thriller movie.The movie is a suspense Thriller and as a viewer walking out of the theatre after watching the movie my inner feelings was like this”OMG These Guys are Seriously Talented”.

Movie’s plot revolves around Freddy  who is an NRI and returning to his his home land after a short gap. his life partner Ann gift to Freddy on their first anniversary .The gift and its peculiarities make crux of the story . after receiving this gift the couple seems to  have lot of problems in their life.

32aam Adhyayam 23aam Vakyam’s later part deals with how Ann and Freddy survives the the problems created by mysterious gift and their rest life .Ann’s character is played by charming Miya and Govind padmasoriya plays Freddy .G.P has Given a career best performance as Freddy.Miya was also good in the character of Ann  who was  young and energetic . the duo had  and a strong bond of chemistry between them .other actors like Lal,sunilsukhada,indrans have made their role good as it gets in movie.

on moving on the technical section. Jemin Jom’s cinematography was a visual treat . Bijipal’s music was as usual brilliantly poised.

A salute to the producers for having  faith in these young directors and they delivered to full extend . Arjun Prabhakaran and Gokul Ramakrishnan you guys Rocked . Bright future ahead .Move on

Rating- 3.5/5

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