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24 movie review
24 was oneof the most expectedmovie of 2016 as it a suriya movie directed by Vikram Kumarwho gave usManam,a strong movie,suriya’s last outing mass was little bit disappointing the next one pasanga was a good movie but was a underated one as the movie was centered around kids.24 comes to audience with the musical efforts from A.R Rahman and Suriya and Vikram Kumar delivered a great ride to audience with 24.One thing to note never walk late to cinema hall for 24 as you should watch from the point start.

24 is movie about a watch which can be used to time travel.it was invented by Sethu raman which is one of the roles played by suriya.Another one is Arthreya which is the twin brother of Sethu Raman ,who is wicked always trying to snatch the watch from sethu raman.One thing to say about the movie with a tag is that its an exceptional writing from Vikram kumar which make us thrilled in many sequence and hold us to the edge of the seat with a superb cinematic ride.Suriya was simply awesome is portraying arthreya the antagonist in the movie as the character presentation from suriya was excellent.Athreya tries snatch the watch from sethu as this result in a clash which ends up in the death of sethu’s wife,Sethu escapes with his liitle kid.later arthreya searches and find sethu and kills him on the process he becomes the stage of comma for 26 years.Sethu’s son grows up and become a watch mechanic.One day he finds the watch,he manipulates time for his routines ,After the 26th year artherya wakes up and comes back in search of the watch.Rest of the plot follows that. Sriya’s looks and mannerisms was of high quality portraying 3 roles.The complexity in the screenplay was easily handled by the director with his efficient shots.Thiru’s cinematography was also superb.

The only negative which can be pointed out in 24 was the romantic scenes between Samantha and surya whichlooked clumsy in parts but apart from that 24 is a great movie with superb script which make you to bow Vikram Kumar .Art work and vfx of 24 is of international quality .So dont miss the movie you eill enjoy it,

Rating -4/5
verdict-must watch

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