1983 Review


‘1983’ is the year in which India had won it first cricket world cup. 1983 from Abrid Shine,a diehard fan of Sachin Tendulkar is also set in the backdrop of Cricket.For those who love cricket and Sachin Tendulkar this film is going to be a complete visual treat.The movie revolves around Rameshan’s passion towards cricket,his friendship and his love. A fun packed first half provides a huge entertainment for the viewers where as the second half of the movie takes up the audience into a different level. Performance wise the whole casting has done a neat job. I think Nivin pauly at his best as compared to his latest films.Anoop menon as Vijay menon is yet another beautiful character in this movie. On coming to the technical side of the movie the camera should be mentioned because the visual treat was great.Songs and BGM was pleasing.The direction was good . On the whole 1983 is a complete visual treat that travels through your childhood memories,friendship,Love,cricket.. and a must watch, especially for the cricket lovers..

Verdict:Must watch
Review by:Nadirsha,Entertainment Corner

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