The Dolphins

dolphinsThe Dolphins is a new movie directed by Deephan Sivakumar with Suresh Gopi on lead role.Anoop Menon after Hotel california pens script for the movie.The movie is produced by Sudeep Karat and M.C Arun under the banner of  lines of colours .

In simple word we can describe the movie”Suresh Gopi’s mass comeback”.Yes Suresh gopi plays a liquor baron “Panayamuttom Sura “of nativity Thiruvananthapuram,and he made it to perfection.His mmannerismsexpressions made the movie mass.The movie is an out and out mass entertainer,where we cannot term it into an action film making goosebumps.But movies makes to ask many questions and makes audience to cry.

Panayamuttom sura is a liquor baron and he is married to Vavachy,role played by Kalapana.The movie opens in usual Anoop menon style of Narration where small freind circle verbal Humours are worked out.Anoop Menon plays the role of a rich Business man Nandan,belonging to Sura’s freindcircle.Sura’s life takes aturn when a serial killer haunts him and rest of the story takes off from there.

Suresh Gopi rocked as Panayamuttom Sura where he fluently carried the Trivandrum Slang effortlessly.The movie has a large number of co artists where each one of them had thier own screen presence .Anoop Menon has devaited a littlebit from his usual style of scripting,This one is of a complete family ambience

Meghana Raj ,Madhu,Joju George,Nandhu and Anil Murali plays the other important roles in the movie.The music is handled by M Jayachandran.Xian Sreekanth does editing and Cinematography is done by Jithu Damodhar.

Positives- Second Half ,Climax,Suresh Gopi,Kalpana

Negatives-First Half Lag, base story

Rating -3/5

Verdict-” The Dolphins is a Watchable flick for Audience of all Genre”

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