Top Ten Tamil Movies of 2014


This is an article to notify you the best tamil movies which were relaesed with in the time period of 2014 January to -2014 december 31st.Tamil cinema was on a path of revolution on the year 2014.Lot of debutant directors has come up with super performances with their movies.Also some of the producers like C.V Kumar who were keen to observe and examine new talents and directors also emerged with in this period.They have certainly made their mark in the year 2014.So lets move on the list which consist of Top Ten movies.Top Ten Tamil movies of 2014.Its written for movie bluffs and it will help you in selecting the movies which is must watch one in 2015.

So Lets Move on to List.


Madras was written and directed by P.A Renjith who debuted the Tamil film industry with Attalkathi and which was a block buster .Karthi plays the lead role in Madras .The movie show the routine life of chennai exactly the Vada Chennai area .P.A Renjith has done lot of observation on the people of chennai’s life and that too refelected in the movie’s class.Madras had a well poised sub-plot of a wall with a horror element which will be the most under classified sub-plot of the year.


Jeeva was a movie based on cricket from the director of Realistic cinemas Suseenthran.Jeeva had Vishnu in the lead role and Sreevdivhya as the female protagonist.The movie told about Jeeva who grown up from the club cricket level to Indian cricket team.The movie had all the usual punch lines for a perfect sports movie.Vishnu’s performance also need applauses in  Jeeva.


Golisoda will be the pick of the mass movie of the year with its pure mass masala elemnts.Filmed by Director/cinematographer the film had four teenage boys on the lead role but its well proven that the its not the stars it the story matters.After the movie Pasanga ,its Goli Soda which emerged out to be sucess with a Tenage story and minimal starcast.The movie is a pakka mass entertainer.


Jigarthanda is the second movie of Karthick subaraj who directed Pizza.Jigarthanda had Sidhardh and Boby Simha on lead roles.The movie made out a point with its character orientations and strength in scripts.It almost unbelievable to say that a film holded audience on the edge of the seat for 3 hours in these days.Cul test film of the year


A horror drama from the talented director Myskn who always proves that there is an international director in his class.Pisasu is not only an Horror movie but it will touch your emotions and make you cry.


The story which revolved around a cute little girl and her close ones.Script was such well poised in deed .The movie had good humour elements and cuteness which was associated with that cute girl Baby Sarah.A commercial movie with lot of artistic elements in it.Nasser’s performance was also a good one.


Yet another C.V Kumar produced movie.Thegidi had a good screenplay elements build around characters.The movie have lot of twists and turns which make the audience interested in watching.The lead actors did a commendable Job with their performance.


Thirudan police is a movie which was on the list even though it deosn’t has a good second half but it was commercial treat due to performance from Attakathi Dinesh and slowly poised out Revenge.Must watch if you love commercial movies.


Arima Nambi was well made out action thriller flick with a similar treatment style used in Hollywood movie.Vikram prabhu’s strong performance and the debutant director’s strong class made the movie into a good viewing experience.


VIP was directed by directed turned cinematographer Velraj having Djhansuh in the lead role.The movie was a good drama with lot of  elements for a good commercial movie.