Vicky Short Film

Vicky Short Film is a brilliant short fim by Manu Antony.Vikcy released on august 15.Its a great work from Manu Antony and Team.One of the best malayalam short film which is made by Manu Antony.Vicky written,edited and directed by Manu Antony. Vik cy is produced Sunil Ibrahim and Manu Antony.Sunil Ibrahim is famous malayalam screenwriter and Directer.His first movie is Chapters,Nivin Pauly in lead role.The cinematography for Vikcy by Jayesh Mohan.

“No One is free, even birds are chained to the sky” this is a famous quote by an unknown one. This words remark about freedom and freedom is something that let you closer to your dreams and what makes you fly. Vicky, a simple short film by Manu Antony is written around the concept of freedom in terms of a dog named Vicky. The interesting thing is that Vicky is releasing today Aug 15, Independence day. Within a span of 10 minutes Manu Antony is able to convey what freedom is and how freedom is restricted to the pets. A dog plays the major role in this short film and it’s filmed by a group of youngsters. Vicky’s cinematography is managed by Jayesh Mohan and edited by director Manu Antony itself. Music was composed by Sushin Shyam. On this independence day Vicky is an absolute chose to understand what the real Independence is and on this day Vicky reminds you Freedom is an another word for Happiness…..

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