Ouch is the short film directed by Neeraj pandey starring Manoj Bajpai and Pooja Chopra. In a short time the film describes the moral value of relationships and the way you pursue relationships, sometimes it may be Awkward and may not end in a usual way or don’t make you happy. Ouch is presenting a conversation between Vinay and Priya, may be co-workers or something who have in an extramarital affair for almost 3 years, they decide to get rid of from their respective consort and to live together, but as is said earlier relationships are tricky and here also that tricky nature worked out. Simply Ouch is a simple attempt from Neeraj Pandey to show the struggles or easiness of marriage these days, and the choices of Honest and Bogus. Neerja Pandey worked his creative side better in this one, because of that even though it’s a simple one it conveys a huge, so in the matter without any complexities and exaggeration he made it decently accompanying Humor in it. Keeping the space of a short film Neeraj Pandey delivers a lot and Manoj Bajpai and Pooja Chopra executed well on the screen and there by the audience can able to see a short film with larger meaning in it…..

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