Nizhal Maathram Malayalam short film

Nizhal mathram is a short film directed by Arun dev and friends which tells the story of a man who is desperate in life and decide to put hi s life to an end, how he change his decision was dealing with this short film. There are moments of desperation and sadness in ever one life and some try to overcome this by a suicide, is that decision is wrong or correct, who lose or gain by your death , is that bring you success or failure sometimes the answer is strange and difficult to explain that is what is telling through this simple film and he conveys it in a very accurate manner within a short span of time. Watch this short film and think yourself is life only belongs to happiness??

“When the lights start to fade, its all but the shadows that remain “

With the majority of people, both on and off screen, coming from IT sector , “Nizhal Mathram” is the result of team-work

Sarin and Sruthy plays the lead role.

But this time the team has added a bit of star quotient as well. Sajan Sooreya the renowned actor plays an important role in this short film.

In malayalam short films, we are now seeing new innovations and creativity.From the field of short film,the new talented persons are coming to our silver screen.We all are cheerfully inviting new talented actors,writers,directors,editors to our film industry.Hope for a good future for our malayalam film industry.At present there are so many new talented directors are coming to our film industry.Alphonse puthren,Jude,Basil Joseph,and so many young talented directors editors…Nizhal mathram is  such a short film from new talented youngsters.Watch and support them.Thank you


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