Cappuccino-short film

Genre: Romance, Drama Language: Malayalam
Written, Shot, Cut & Directed By: Nithin Nandakumar
Produced By: Hara Productions A Glimpses Production
Starring: Sarin Hrishikesan, Minu Babu, Priya Ravi Associate Direction, Dialogues,
Music & Lyrics : Unnee Udayakumar Associate Direction, Dialogues & Lyrics: Minu Babu Background Score: Jackson Vijayan, Unnee Udayakumar Assistant Directors: Arya R Prasad, Sarin Hrishikesan About Cappuccino: Cappuccino is a short film written and directed by Nithin Nandakumar. The movie stars Sarin Hrishikesan as “Shyam”, Minu Babu as “Maya” and Priya Ravi as “Priya”. The story surrounds the life of a young professional who falls in love over a cup of coffee. The film continues to show how the romance affects the relationship between the three.

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