Must Watch Video – Stop being like that

This heart warming video is a perfect example of what ladies are experiencing in our country.We have high percent of literacy rate but yet our society still lacks the morality to respect women .You know../ another fact is that India is ranked as one among  countries which top charts among the G20 countries.Gender inequality and sexual abusment are the major threats experienced by women in India.According to certain surveys which conducted among indian women,its proven that a women experience the social anarchy of Eve teasing in every 5 minitues.Eve teasing is something that she has to contend with everyday.In roads, in office,in public transport systems they experience mis behavior from the eveteasers.No body seems to notice this.All are ignoring this and not even thinking that women is also a social animal.The only hope of women is self defence.Another thing to fear is the rape culture which is being evolved out in this Era.From Nirbhaya to Jisha the list longs are no body seems to notice this.In era of 3G, we are capable to decrease physical abuse and criminal activities in public spaces of metropolitan cities with the help of latest technology.Butit seems that our officials and government are ignoring this.


In this Video to a son who tries to  tease a girl about her experience with the eve teasers which she had to face everyday.Mother explains her anger and sorrow for being a victim for  eve teasing with simple words which makes her son understand about the social anarchy and via that stopping him being like eve teasers which teased her.


This video is a part of share your story initiative from breaking through where you can share your stories through their website.

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