Miya About Her 4am Friend

Miya About Her 4 AM Friend. Watch Video Do you have friends, who is ready at anytime to participate with your jokes and random things? This question is asked by Director Ranjith Shankar, the one who debut to Malayalam cinema by the most celebrated film Passenger and he is now at his new film Ramante Edhan Thottam features Kunchako Boban in lead role. In association with the promotional program conducting for his new film he is asking a question to audience and the question was “Who is you 4 AM Friend?’’. The first person the director chose to ask this question was the actress Miya and let’s looks that how she replied to that. She replied that she have a lot of friends which are ready to come and mingle with her at any time without any refuse. She also added that she owns a gang of 4 friends, a group of talkative ones including her.

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