Japaneese Roller Coaster Bridge:The Eshima Ohashi bridge in Japan


Most terrifying bridge in japan.It is just like a roller coaster.The Eshima Ohashi bridge in japan which links the city Matsue to the city Sakaiminato.The bridge is two lane and conctre bridge.Among the rigid frame bridges its is the largest bridge in japan and third largest in world.

In recent months the bridge is become most discussing subject in the world due to its slope.The unusual slope of this bridge causes attention to everyone.When we say the pictures it shows an unusual look and we think how vehicles are running safe there.The commercial for Daihatsu Motor Co.’s Tanto minivan used this bridge and by the use of  telephoto lens and at a particular angle the bridge looks like very frightening slope.They used the commercial ad for their  marketing purposes of car which is safely moving through the worlds most frightening bridge.And the social media and other medias called the Eshmi Ohashi Bridge  as Roller Coaster Bridge.Actually it has a slope of of 6.1% on Shimane and 5.1% on Tottori,which is good and comfortable gradient.