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DOCTOR SAVES | വൈദ്യോ രക്ഷതി |Vaidhyo Rakshathi | DMH | Short film | HD

Doctors.. Treated like God when in need and despised otherwise..
He sacrifices the best part of his life for your best..
But there comes a time when the society forgets its courtesy towards the sacrifice and efforts..
We, a few doctors of Kottakkal, have made an attempt to raise a soft but bold voice towards this injustice to this noble profession…
“Vaidyo Rakshathi”…

Doctors are literally the lifeline for the rest of us, but what if this lifeline itself is in danger?

A doctor dedicates his life to the service of the patients. He or she relieves the sufferings and pain of mankind. He cures them from disease and illness. He strives to make the life of others better and healthier.

The doctor works to prevent spread of the epidemics. Every now and then dangerous diseases grab the humanity. It is the doctor who finds the cure. Sometimes it may take years of painstaking work and research to find the cure, but ultimately the success is achieved.

Now a days doctors are beaten up brutually by relatives or by standers of the patients without proper questioning even though he had done his maximum to save the patient.The production house Doctors movie house is made by association of several doctors and those in the field of medicine inorder to portray those things they suffer in their day today life. This short film would at least let people get a glimpse of the sacrifice doctors have to do many a time to save lives.A doctor’s profession is noble. A doctor is just like God for the patients.But that ethics are not been obeyed all over.some people even tries to break that even.This short movie is a perfect example on the topic ” what a doctor is”


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