Dial 1515

*****PLEASE WAIT SOME TIME FOR VIDEO LOADING IN SLOW CONNECTIONS***** Dial 1515 -Please share this video

Kerala Police has started a new campaign of pink police in the state .The campaign was launched by actress manju warrier .The news has a great importance in our society as the news about increasing violence against women is being heard allaround .Every day, thousands of women and girls are abused and Molested and we all get shocked by the news about this increasing violence.Actually this programe titled pink patrol was launched on 2016 but due to recent issues including michelle shaji’s unfortunate death and other incidents made Kerala police to brand the programme.


The two-minute-12-second video features actress Manju Warrier, who asks women not to be scared of being alone, but contact Pink Patrol team by dialling 1515.The number 1515 is the acess number of Kerala Police Pink Patrol team.We encourage you people please to share the video to maximum and lets spread the word.”1515″

Pink Patrol is for women and the patrol team only has women police officials.

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