I used to tease guys during my period: Shraddha Kapoor


“Smile wala rehne do. Mujhe smile karne ka bilkul mood nahin hai,” Shraddha Kapoor told our photographer when she posed for these pictures for DT in the capital recently. But we weren’t alarmed – she wasn’t being moody, she was just trying not to be so ‘smiley-smiley’, as she put it.


The pretty actress was in Delhi recently to walk the ramp at the couture week, and also for the shoot of a campaign against the taboos attached with menstruation. “Mujhe na hamesha bahut smiley-smiley dikhate hain,” she complained. “I want to look a little, like…” “Serious?” suggested Shraddha’s manager. “No, not serious; I don’t know. I just don’t want another smiley picture,” she replied. Later, she explained, “It’s just that I smile a lot, and I’ve realized that I need to keep it under control because my smile can get, like, real wide. See,” she said, giving us a demo of her ‘wide’ smile. “I have a lazy eye too – the left one; I have to keep waking it up,” she added. Does Shraddha know that she’s self-critical, then? “Ya, I guess I do know (snickers). But it’s under control, you know. Like what’s there is there. I just like to keep pushing myself to be better, you know. I am very well aware of who I am and what I can do,” she answers.

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