Thiruttu Gramam-Mamooty,Jhony Antony

Mammootty latest stills
Mammootty latest stills
Mammootty latest stills

Jhony Antony the veteran director is getting to be in the main league on ce again.The reports in the malayalam film industry states that the director will be teaming up with Megastar Mamooty once again.Jhony Antony prior to his last phase of film career had done numerous hit films and debuted through a super box office hit movie  CID Moosa which was a path breaking movie as far as malayalam film standards were considered.Later on he Directed Thurup Gulan featuring Mamooty on his direction for the first time and that too declared a s a hit.His movies were in one tagline or in series Catch the kids at the intial phase.Jhony Antony was regarded as master director with his third hit on the row,Kochi Rajav Starring Dileep.

However the director changed his usual mass masala track and did a varied one through Vineeth sreenivasan starer Cycle .The movies he did after that were not a huge box office unlike his previous movies.His last flick with Kunjacko Boban and Biju Menon titled as Bhaiya Bhaiya doesn’t paid off even though it had long starcast and Script of hit maker writer Benny P Nayaramabalam.Now Jhony is returning to make a bang on Malayalam film industry through Thiruttu Gramam.Mamooty and Jhony Antony unites after a long period of almost 3 three years.The last flick from pair was Thappana produced by Milan Jalleel under Galaxy films.This movie will be a predominant one as far as Jhony Antony is considered ,he needs to make a hit via this movie badly.Since the past movies went unnoticed.

Nishad Koya writes the script for the movie Thiruttu Gramam.Nishad Koya debuted to film industry with Ordinary were the movie was a box office hit.His second movie was for M.Padmakumar titled Polytechnic having Kunjacko Boban which finally turned out to be an average grosser,.Nousad is currently in the final works Maduar Naranga Directed by Sugeeth .He will start doing the final frontiers of the script soon after Madura Naranga is finished.Jhony Antony is very much hopeful as far as the script is concened.Since Nishad Koya is one such script writer who has produced good scripts so that he believes that this one will be his break through and return to path.

Wishing all the best for Thiruttu Gramam team.


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