Sakhariya to support Shine Tom


345Sakhariya is one of the foremost writer in malayalam litreature world.He had sevceral books and awards undser his belt .He is known for his sarcastic and Astectic way of writing.Especially the short stories like Salam America.Novella like Enthund Pilathose got much critical acclimatisation from the audience from Kerala.Sakhariya is also a prominent figure in the socio political field of Kerala.He responded against media who are continuously reporting and celebrating with the news of Shine Tom Chacko and other girls who were arrested for handling cocaine in their flat.Sakhriya wrote in his Facebook wall .

Freind i writing this note for the sake an important matter which represent our currenbt society.You read about the arrest of shine Tom Chacko and other 3 girls .Our medias mostly in on-line world are tearing them apart via news and investigations.Shine Tom is a young artist in Mlayalam film industry and he got a good reputation for his acting skills in the movies.Three other girls were also arrested with him.Unfortunatly that made thier life vulnarable.Medias went for new hunts against shine and those girls.They never got  such a hot issue after Saritha Nair issue.Taglines went viral young actor along with girls were arrested.Medias still forgets one thing they are not guilty until its proven that they did the crime.

What’s the allegation against them.Police says that they used drugs.Did they killed someone or accepted lakhs of money illegally.?They never cheated anyone.The never did a scam which yielded crores of public money.They Never attacked anyone.they are just actors .The media hunting against Shine and girls went on a way such they they were victimised.We can’t analyse medias in Kerala in proper manner with these deeds.In a democratic land media and people should get friendly enough.They should be protectors not destroyers.”

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