Ratheesh vaiga upset agnist the allegations


er2Ratheesh Vaiga was the co ordnator of Mohanlal’s show which was conducted in the innagural ceremony of National games kerala.The show led to much allegations and boo’s from audience as they wasn’t impressed by the quality of the show.The show was a flop were those who watched it live or in telecast was not impressed by the performance or caliber of Mohanlal to attract the audience.The stadium became to empty within first fifteen mintus and most of the audience left.Mohanlal took the blame of the show in his shoulders and gave back the amount he has received for Lalisam.

Ratheesh Vaiga in an interview to a leading magazine said”Its a very terrible time.I’m broken mentaly.Many people are coming aganist us with allegations.People can say whatever they likes.I can’t talk much more about that”Ratheesh opned his mind at the time where Mohanlal rejected Governments request to take the money back.Ratheesh as the coordinator of the show also had many questions raised against him regarding the quality of the show.Many critics quoted that the show had absence of a good coordinator.

Ratheesh added on “Lalettan stills call me.He contact me and consoles me about the dreadful day.No body apart from Mohanlal called me or talked to me.I cant even conduct a press meeting and explain about what’s really happened.It may destroy my career.It may lead to stage where i will not get any more work  from films.Let all the mistake be mine.I couldn’t understand what’s really happened.”