Priyadarshan-Lizy Priyadarshan Had Differences Over A CCL Match!

News were doing rounds stating that ace director Priyadarshan and his wife and yesteryear actress Lizy Priyadarshan are on the verge of divorce. The whole film industry was shocked to hear this news as nobody was aware of the exact reason. Many speculations did came out as reasons, but neither of the two came out with the exact reason.Now, both of them have patched up and were seen together recently at the CCL 4 finals. Lizy Priyadarshan is the owner of Kerala Strikers, the team which was in the finals. But, now the actual reason has come out and guess what the husband and wife had a difference of opinion over a CCL match!

Surprised? Now, it is none other than Priyadarshan, who has come forward saying the same. “Come on, which couple doesn’t argue and fight? Sure, Lizzy and I had some difference of opinion. It all started over a recent Celebrity Cricket League (CCL) match. But the argument was between us. Like any marriage, there are things that happen between a couple that should remain private. No one has the right to put our marriage on display without our knowledge,” said Priyadarshan, the co-owner of CCL team Kerala Strikers.”Somebody definitely played dirty with us. And I suspect it is someone who is close to us,” said Priyadarshan. Now that leaves indeed a question as to whom the director is exactly pointing. “Lizzy gave up her acting career to be my wife and to look after my home. She has given me a wonderful son. I can’t express enough gratitude for her presence in my life. It’s shocking to even mention ‘divorce’ in our marriage,” says Priyadarshan.

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