Prithviraj about Priyadarshan’s Oppam!!!


Prithviraj about Priyadarshan’s Oppam!!!! Oppam, latest film from Priyadashan- Mohanlal Combo. After a series of flops Priyadarshan made terrific come back through Oppam and it has being 30 days since the release and Oppam is becoming the First Movie in Malayalam crossing 30 crores in a short span of time. As per the results the including the outside releases Oppam has collected almost 45 crores and the question is asked to be will Oppam cross the 50 Crore border till the end of run. The interesting thing is that now Oppam is fighting against Mohanlal’s own Pulimurugan in Box Office and the actor is setting and breaking records by himself with his own films. Whatever the collection reports, The audience reviews are the best for an acclaim of a film and yesterday Actor Prithviraj had watched Oppam and messaged his comment for priyadarshan and he says “Hi sir, yesterday watched Oppam , what I can see is the craft behind the filming and most over the presence of an ever brilliant eyes of a director behind the camera made me like with Oppam and congratulations for the Big Success” .This what the message that Prithviraj send for Priyadarshan and as like as he said we can see the brilliance of Priyadarshan behind the success of Oppam and that’s Brilliance made Oppam as a huge success. Prithviraj is now on the sets of Tiyaan Penned by Murali Gopi and on busy with Bollywood schedules. Priyadarshan is thinking about to bring back the ever demanded coalition of 90’s as his next film and that is Sreenivasan – Priyadarshan Combo and Now he is planning to make Oppam in Bollywood and if the news are true Mohanlal’s role in Oppam will be done by Akshay Kumar in Hindi. Wishes to the team Oppam.

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