Prathap Pothen Aganist Jayram


ppPrathap Pothen is a vetran actor in Malayalam film industry.He debuted to Malayalam film world through Thakara which was directed by bharathan on the screenplay of Master craft writer Padmarajan.He later on acted in several other films but could flourish as an actor in his early stages of acting career.Later on he put on directors cap and did many films on Tamil,Malyalam and Telugu flm industry.Most of them were rated as one of the classics of the Era.His movies like Chaitanya on Telugu featuring Nagarjuna ,vetri vizha featuring Kamal hassan and prabhu on Tamil and  Oru Yathra mozhi featuring Mohanlal and Shivaji Ganesshan on Malayalam are classified as his all time best movies.

Prathap on his second innings as an actor established a platform and regarded him as a good actor after 22 Female Kottayam.The actor is very much active in Social media and he post about several matters he came across his life in Social media platform.This has made controversies and many time he has to counter several comments and opinions against his views from social media platform.Now a new controversy has came across his career.Prathap Pothen commented about Jayaram ,One of the lead actor in Malyalam film industry in a bad manner.

Prathap Pothen started the statement in this manner by mentioning Jayaram as a Mimicry artist who was introduced to Film industry by his brothers Film company.Then he stated that Jayaram some how earned a padmasree and he himself considerd as Marlon Brando of Malyalam cinema.Prathap Pothen later remarked Jayram as an Uncultured Moron who hasn’t have any decency.He severly spoke about Jayaram who made a controversial comment about his maid as Dark Fat Buffolo.He concluded the statement with this sentence”Dark is Beautiful Moron.and please read something that will help you grow as a human being.Being Fair is Hardly Human”.