10431714_1524820911097568_5991456909832681795_nActor Jayasurya turned into the role of a producer for the first time in Punyalan Agarbhathies.The movie was produced in association with Dreams and Beyond which is a director Renjith Shanker’s Production House.Now Jaysurya is again  has role of a producer,This time its not for a film.Its for a short film .Wonder why Jayettan Did this.?As per his words he was very much inspired with the script and Told the director and team that he will produce it at any cost

The shortfilm is titled as Moonmidam .The lead roles are done by Rachana Narayankutty and R.J Shan who is a popular Radio Jockey in the scene.The movie is also scripted by Him.Shan speaks “its the best performance of rachana till date..might won.a.lot of international awards..its a bunch of professionals working for it. Backed by Jayasurya..pls promote on that context..its the first time a film star is producing a short film”

The short Film is directed by Sony Antony who worked as assistant and Associate director for many movies.The cinematograaphy is done by Abdul Rahim.The shortFilm will relaese soon

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