MamooTy to Meet FireMen

gsfgMamooty ,the legendary star’s next release on Mollywood is Fireman Directed by Deepu Karunakaran.As the name suggest Mamooty plays a role of Fireman in the movie.last week Mamooty went to met Fireforce unit in Thirkakara.FireMan Movie directed by Deepu tolds the story of the life and miseries of Firmans Life.Fireman relaeses on the 19th of this february.

Mamooty understood the problems faced by a fireman in his daily routines .He has to apply himself for the safety of the people.So Mamooty felt the seriousness and heat of the duty of a fireman.With a good intent he arraived at the Fireforce unit Thikakara.The Visit was a real surprise for the Fireforce employees.They never thought in thier life so that they have an opportunity to meet the legendary actor the  pride of Malayalam film industry.Mamooty said it was his privilege to meet the Fireman who work in minimal condiation for better of the society and safety .

Mamooka sad “I saw the office and Unit of Fireforce .Also met fellow officers who work in adverse conditions.They are the most underrated group in in the country.Society is not even thinking about the fireman’s part in the daily life conditions.Most of them says that the accident was av aided.But they dsont think about those who avaoided accident”

Mamooty also promised that free mediacal treatment could be given to Vinod Kumar who was severely injured in the Karunagapally Gas Tanker Incident .His 70 % was burned in that resue mission.Mamooty’s Pathanjali Treatment centre will took care of Vinod Kumar’s Treatment.



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