lal jose and Neena

Laljose - S2Confused with the caption .Ha ha nothing to worry.Its nothing rather than a movie name.Neena ,striking name isn’t it.Yes a new movie neena is going to be made in malayalam film industry.Its directed by Laljose the Vetran super director of Mollywood.Laljose’s previous outings where super hits and blockbusters.Lat on Vikramadhtyan was a show stealer and was a huge hit in Mollywood


Vikramdhythan proved out to be shining star in Lal Jose’s cap.It was biggest hit till dated in acting careers of Unni Mukundan and Dulquer Salman.The movie grossed out huge money from theatres.

Neena the new LalJose movie is a female oriented script.The lead actress is not roped yet.the directer is in search of the Heroine .Its heard that Vijay Babu will play an important Role in the movie.From the makers its heard that the movie is all about an young girl who is stuborn,courageous and her journey and her love.Neena is a complete women Centric movie in all right

We Wish all the Best for Lalu Chettan and Neena


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