Kunchacko Boban files case against producers of Roman

Actor Kunchacko Boban has filed a complaint against the producers of his 2013 film, Romans. According to him, the cheque given by the producers, Arun Ghosh and Bijoy Chandran, had bounced.
But Arun Ghosh has expressed surprise that the actor came out with the complaint now. He told an online portal that the actor was paid his fee, Rs. 50 lakhs, before the release of the film.

However, the film’s co-producer Arun Ghosh says, “I had paid Kunchacko `45 lakh via his account and he had also taken a part of the amount as cash. We had also given him `5 lakh TDS. Now, I am not sure which amount he is referring to.” About the cheque bounce, Arun says, “I had given him a cheque of `4.5 lakh when he had asked for cash. I had also transferred it to his account as RTGS. The cheque he has with him is the stock payment that I had given him even before the release. It did not bounce due to insufficient funds.”

Kunchako Bobban

Arun says that Kunchacko had a personal grudge against the producers right from the time the shoot started. “He wanted us to change the editor and music director who were roped in for the project, which I objected to. He was also not sure of having Boban Samuel as the director.