Jude Antony Joseph’s love story


jude antony josephDirector Jude Antony Joseph Tied Knot with Dayana on february 14th on the Valentines day.The couple got engaged on the 5th of this month.Jude was the director of Much critically acclaimed movie Om Shanti Oshana aka OSHO.Dayana is from Kottayam and of an orthodox Christian family.Jude and Dyana was in love since severalk months.Its almost like a superhit movie the pair’s love story emerged out.Jude in a latest interview to a leading magazine told.”Its almost like a film story whole thing happned.After the release of OSO a girl messaged me via Facebook and asked the lyrics of the song from OSO.It was the beginning and later on we became freinds and soon after we fall in love.One day i decided to approach her parents with the proposal.That too same as that of Giri hero in  OSO,who approached Pooja’s parents and stated the fact.Anyway they had faith in me and it all happened.”

Pooja the character in OSO had very much impact in lot of youngstar’s lives.Jude states about that”many people have told me that Pooja’s story is similar to that of themselves.Yes i think so .Pooja’s is a real life interpretation of scriptwriter Midhun Manuel freind ‘s life.Actually Midhun narrated me the story in a sentimental appraoch.But i have told him to make it lighter and he added humour elements to the story.It worked out and turned to be a blockbuster.Everyone found a cuteness in pooja “.

“Actualy giri’s character is much similar to me .The instant where giri slapes a guy in wonderla  is from real life where i slaped one guy who misbiheaved to a girl.Actualy in my real life after that incident a girl fall in love with me.Later it got stuck and we went to diffrent direction.After a long time love fall on me via a message that Dayana send me asking Lyrics of Neelakasham.Rest is History”

All the best for Jude Antony Joseph and Dayana.Have a great life ahead.