I’m not Pregenent -Amala Paul

Amala Paul and Family

Amala Paul and Family

Amala Paul was on the news hype as the rumours outbroke trhat she was pregenent.Now the leading actress has came up with a strong offence to these rumours that she isn’t pregenent.Its the secon time rumours spreads that the actress is pregenent.Amala Paul was married with star director A.L Vijay from Tamilnadu on june 12 at chennai.the duo was in a love relationship since a long time.Its the second time fake news about amala’s pregenency got spreaded like a wildfire.


Amala came front with a  strong answer to the rumours which showed trhat she was pregent.She said that “it was through my facebook post all these problems arised.In an Fb post i said that this years christmas and new year was something special than other years .I enjoyed it a lot and it was something new to me.I posted this in facebook and choas outbreak that i was prehgenent.Who make these rubish not baseless news.It type of attack on me”Amala Stated

In her normal witty onlinber she said that it was due to a christmas celebration all these news came apart.She also added that she will not go to hide if such a situation came across.Amala is on the wait for the relaese of her new movie Mili which is directed byRajesh Raman pillai wh directed Traffic.She plays the main female lead of the movie co starring nivin pauly.

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